JT Try and Keep Up!

E35 J-Talk #1 with Chris Hand Top Fuel Nitromethane Motorcycle

November 23, 2021 JT Norton Season 1 Episode 35
JT Try and Keep Up!
E35 J-Talk #1 with Chris Hand Top Fuel Nitromethane Motorcycle
Show Notes

E35 J-Talk #1 with Chris Hand Top Fuel Nitromethane Motorcycle and he is also honored in the Barbar Motorsports Museum 6030 Barber Motorsports Parkway Birmingham, Alabama USA 35094. An amazing place that any motorcycle lover should visit at least once but you will need more than one trip to see everything.

Chris Hand can work on any kind of motorcycle and can help you with your riding and performance needs Hands Performance: https://www.handsperformance.com

you can also follow Chris Hand  on Facebook, Instagram @handsperformance

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Energy Coil: https://energycoil.com

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Barbar Motorsports Park and Museum  - https://www.barbermuseum.org
6040 Barber Motorsports Parkway

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