JT Try and Keep Up!

E6 Jim Martin, Janette Thornley, and Sam White 5-1-21

May 06, 2021 JT Norton Season 1 Episode 6
JT Try and Keep Up!
E6 Jim Martin, Janette Thornley, and Sam White 5-1-21
Show Notes

E6 Jim Martin, Janette Thornley, and Sam White 

I caught up with all three of these wonderful guests in Darlington Dragway in South Carolina on Saturday, May 1st, 2021

The AHDRA is a fun series with some exciting drag racing action. Janette would win the Friday night Pro Fuel shoot out and then Jim and Sam would go head to head in the finals Saturday Night, Sam using his new Terminator 2 motorcycle and would walk away this time with the victory.

You can come and enjoy the fun for AHDRA on the following dates 
AHDRA 2021 season  www.raceahdra.com

  • April 17-18 / Atlanta Dragway
  • April 30-May 1 / Darlington Dragway – a regional event
  • May 22-23 / Cecil County Dragway
  • June 4-6 / Rockingham Dragway
  • June 19-20 / National Trail Raceway
  • August 8-10 / Sturgis
  • September 17-18 / South Carolina Motorsports Park (eighth-mile)
  • October 1-3 / Summit Motorsports Park
  • November 6-7 / Gainesville Raceway

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