JT Try and Keep Up!

E5 Larry McBride and Greg Pollard 4-26-2k21

May 04, 2021 JT Norton Season 1 Episode 5
JT Try and Keep Up!
E5 Larry McBride and Greg Pollard 4-26-2k21
Show Notes

Episode Five: Larry McBride and Greg Pollard 4-26-2021.

This is one of many that will come as the season unfolds. They both have agreed to come back and do some more with me. We kept this to a get-to-know-you session and was done at Larry's shop in Virginia. I have known Larry and Greg for many years, and I'm honored they agreed to help me out with my podcast.

 This J-Talk session is made possible by the support of Dragbike.com and Schnitz Racing.

We will get into more technical data and dive into some of the other amazing stories these men still have to share with us in future conversations.

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you can also follow Larry McBride on Facebook, Instagram @LarrySpidermanMcBride

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